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The C.A.R. Guys Performance Center specializes in horsepower - it's our passion. Our team of expert engine technicians have years of experience in the performance aftermarket and can build you an engine combination to meet your needs. Our sales team can help you design a combination to give your ride the power you've always wanted. We know performance - it's what we do every day.

Why settle for a "crate" engine that you know nothing about? Crate engines are put together on an assembly line with many hands in the engine. The attention to detail is missed with most of these engines and can result in premature wear or even engine failure. The C.A.R. Guys document every step of your build - from the machining processes, to the assembly including an itemized list of all components used.

If you're looking for an all out race engine or a hot street combo - or even a stock restoration build - trust The C.A.R. Guys' team to give you the results you expect. GM, Ford, Mopar, and even Imports - our capabilities cover them all. Don't need a complete engine built? The C.A.R. Guys offer parts from over 250 manufacturers and have many packages available for your current engine. Head and cam combos, carburetor and intake swaps, fuel injection conversions, and much, much more.

Call and talk to our experienced performance specialists to discuss an engine package for your hot rod.Click here to contact us today!