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Chassis Dyno

The CAR Guys Performance Center features our state of the art Mustang MD1100 Chassis Dynamometer for testing and tuning street cars, muscle cars, trucks and race cars. We have the only chassis dyno in the area and it will support up to 2500 hp!

Planning on changing parts on your engine for more hp? Our chassis dyno gives you the ability to baseline your power. Then, after the parts are installed - retest your vehicle and verify your power gains. No more guessing. Know exactly what you are getting when you change heads, camshafts, or add superchargers or turbos.

Our Mustang dyno is capable of simulating actual driving loads for steady state testing and drivability tuning. This feature makes it perfect for OEM's and their suppliers to do simulated real world testing and tuning without the liability of driving on the open road.

Our chassis dyno is available to the OEMs and it's suppliers by the hour, day or week.

The CAR Guys offer performance EFI and carburetor tuning for most domestic vehicles. Increase your power and fuel efficiency by simply recalibrating your computer to optimize fuel and spark delivery. This recalibration is also required when changing camshafts and cylinder heads, or installing a superchrager or turbo system - and it's done inside, off the road, by trained technicians.

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